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Plymouth Place's location has a rich history.  It sits on a site that was once used for an amusement park as well as the Iowa State Fair.  King-Croft was designed by Mrs. King and constructed in 1902, one of the first homes built in the new subdivision.  It was a grand home, with 7 bedrooms, many fireplaces, and a ballroom on the 3rd floor.  Mrs. King, unhappy with the fashionable at the time look of trees planted in perfect rows, went outside and threw seeds up in the air.  Trees were planted where they landed so it looked more natural.  Some of these trees are still alive and well today, and great pains have been taken to preserve the ones left.  The King's only child, Edith, married and lived there with her husband, Dr. W. W. Pearson.

Upon Edith's passing, the Plymouth Congregational Church bought the home in 1965 and set out to build a home for "well seniors."  Everything about the building was ground-breaking, including the $2.8Million in government funding, its purpose, size, design and construction methods were all unheard of at the time.  Plymouth Place opened its doors in 1968 and was fully occupied within the year.

After renovations in the 1980's stripped much of the mid-century character, an extensive historical renovation was completed in 2015, bringing back much of the original charm, while adding modern conveniences such as central air and larger apartments.  Plymouth Place is now on the National Register of Historic Places as well.

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